• We are pleased to announce the first commercial run for our Vector rotary steerable system (RSS) in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region. While drilling in a hard, interbedded formation with significant dips, our client needed to drop from 2.5° and hold vertical for the remainder of the well. Our VectorEXAKT™ 800 RSS was integrated into the BHA, and a single tool drilled the entire 12¼-in. section in two bit runs. The VectorEXAKT RSS immediately reduced casing-shoe inclination from 2.6° to vertical and maintained verticality within 0.1° for the entire 3,028-ft (923-m) section until target depth was reached. With access to our VectorEXAKT tool, our client can now expand their service offerings to include vertical RSS drilling services for large-diameter boreholes.

    "We are thrilled to complete the first run of our Vector RSS tools in the important MENA region," said Andrew Craig, Managing Director for Directional Measurement and Steerable Technologies. "NOV has made a significant investment in developing a portfolio of RSS tools that meets the needs of today’s drilling challenges. We are excited that making this critical technology available to the market will enable our customers to grow their directional capabilities."

    Our VectorEXAKT 800 RSS delivers higher ROP and precise directional control in vertical or inclined boreholes. This integrated drilling and measurement tool incorporates an inclination survey package within 5 ft of the bit, along with a pulser to deliver real-time data transmission. Visit our VectorEXAKT RSS product page to learn how you can steer your operating costs in the right direction.

    Published Date: 2018-12-12
    Source: National Oilwell Varco